FREE Easter resources
FREE Easter resources

FREE Easter resources


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During 2020, households enjoyed time together, in their homes, exploring who Jesus is, journeying together, learning through reading the Bible and connecting.

With this in mind, an Easter resource has been created for you to use in your church - encouraging families to enjoy time together, around the table, in the lead up to, or over the weekend of Easter.

These are FREE downloadable resources, bundled together - a printable version and an image-based version.

Each activity has been designed to create interaction, conversation, and reflection about Easter for households in your church family. They have been pitched for households with children age 5-11 but are likely to appreciated by all, regardless.

There is one set for use within your church’s social media or sent by email in the lead up to Easter or over the Easter weekend. You could release the activity images one at a time or in a bundle. Each image has an instruction panel. There’s an activity and a Bible reading that could be done at any time of the day. Mealtimes would certainly be ideal.
Each prompt is linked to a food item or in one instance, washing hands. This will help make the reflection and interaction a richer experience.

Also included is another set (the same as the images) for printing out where people don't have access to a device or find technology daunting.
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