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We’re in this together.

Stories from our partners:

#1: We’re grateful for the support and resourcing provided by mainly Ministries. They are there for us, with suggestions, helpful connections, downloadable resources (I’m often preparing late at night) and pray with me.

#2: I appreciate the training, the Leadership Clusters and the quarterly resources. Thank you. Our sessions are held at the school. Ava had never thought to pray with the team, some who are teachers, before the group started. Now they pray each week and won't let the group start without prayer.

Ava noted that because the training emphasised the importance of prayer, they've made it a priority. This is definitely a ministry and not a school program. God is amazing. We have two of our group’s families attend the special service. I remember you telling us to expect big things and big things happened!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement and support and for all your guidance. We feel a sense of belonging.

Together, we create joy-filled opportunities for Jesus to be revealed.

Stories from our partners:

#1: At the evening service, two women shared the impact the group had had on their lives. One lady had been invited by a friend to our sessions. She has now committed her life to Jesus, even though life is rough. Another was baptised in the service. She had attended the sessions 10 years prior.

Out of the blue, her son said he wanted to go to church. They tried a church nearby, but both didn’t enjoy it. Then the mum thought about her time at our sessions, where they had been made to feel so welcome. Now her son is involved with the youth and she is trusting Jesus. God is working in people’s lives; we don’t always see the God’s fruit immediately.

#2: There's been a lot of challenges with team illness, absence and family difficulties, but Kath wrote: 'Despite everything going on, each week God helps us show up and we leave our session feeling joy and encouragement. Dancing and playing with kids is a very good way to forget the troubles we are facing and to find complete peace with God.’

These are proven approaches for authentic connection.

Stories from our partners:

#1: Yvette went to the hairdresser and was charged less than normal. The hairdresser said she felt God ask her to reduce the price so Yvette could pass this blessing forward. At the session that week, Yvette noticed how Becky looked sad.

God prompted her about the ‘pass the blessing forward’ experience. Yvette suggested to Becky to treat herself to a nice coffee and that God loved her very much. Over time Becky came and went from the group. However, Yvette had the opportunity to visit and talk about her faith.

Becky started coming to church, became a follower of Jesus, was baptised and became a member! As a team we'd been praying that God would bring families; that He would shape our group.

#2: Two families have come who REALLY need our support. One is new to the country and was introduced to our sessions.

The other came through a team member on a bus who started up a conversation. Both these mums are desperately in need of love without judgement. How great to see God's hand over our ministry and how He organises all the details.

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